Question: When is my Payment due?

    Answer: A $450 deposit (per person) is required to secure your reservation. A preliminary invoice will automatically be provided with your confirmation; giving you an opportunity to view our services and confirm the pricing matches the materials you’ve received so far. If there are any discrepancies, please contact your Operations Manager as soon as possible to review. We will then send you an official invoice approximately 120 days prior to departure. This invoice is due approximately 110 days prior to travel. This is an excellent time to let us know if you are planning to extend your stay, participate in a pre or post-tour option, or if you’re interested in upgrading your travel arrangements in some way. Once you’ve paid for the trip, we will begin finalizing airline tickets and other important travel arrangements. If you wait until after this time to let us know these important details, it may become very expensive to make those changes (Changes

    made after ticketing will be done at your expense). So, if you’re thinking about any of these options, put them in writing to your Operations Manager prior to paying your



    Question: What insurance is provided in the tour package & when is the last day I can purchase cancellation coverage?

    Answer: As a guest traveling with your Chamber of Commerceyou will receive complimentary comprehensive trip interruption insurance including medical, baggage, missed connection coverage. Please Note: This plan does not provide Trip Cancellation coverage. Please review the reservation form additional trip cancellation options. To be eligible for the waiver of Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion, the plan must be purchased at the same time as your reservation.

    Trip Cancellation plans are available through other sources. To purchase or learn more about recommended optional trip cancellation plans, please contact Chamber Discoveries/ Adelman Travel at 559-244-6600.


    Question: When will I get more information on optional tours?

    Answer: Optional tour information will be sent out to all travelers approximately 60 days prior to travel. You will have plenty of time to review and pre-pay for these tours prior to travel.


    Question: Can I upgrade my seat assignment or flights?

    Answer: In most cases, yes, you can upgrade your seats to Comfort Class, Premium Economy Class or even Business Class if the request is made prior to ticketing. If you are interested in receiving upgrade options, please contact your Operations Manager so that we may work on your request when the time comes. Additional fees will apply based on your final selections.  Full payment will be required for additional services at the time of purchase. Seating upgrades are non-refundable once


    Question: Can I use my frequent flyer points to upgrade my flights?

    Answer: Possibly. We recommend you contact your provider for details and then continue with our air department accordingly. We will need to know which “Class of Service” you need to be booked in, in order to receive the upgrade you wish.


    Question: Can I extend this trip or travel from a different home city? If so, how does that work

    and what is the cost?

    Answer: Absolutely. We are happy to work with you and your guests in making special travel arrangements. These are handled on a case-by-case basis approximately 75-100 days prior to the trip. Guests wishing to extend their trip or travel from a different home city should put their detailed requests in writing as soon as possible so that we can begin working on the research for their trips. Approximately 75-100 days prior to their travel dates, Chamber Discoveries/ Adelman Travel will send these guests information detailing their travel options. At that time, the guest may elect to use our services, cancel their request and simply travel with the group, or make their own arrangements. Either way, they must return the materials with their final selection noted so that we can finalize ticketing arrangements on their behalf.

    Question: Can I make my own flight arrangements? 

    Answer: Yes. If you are interested in making your own flight arrangements, please let us know and we will provide you with a deduction on your final invoice.


    Question: What if people want to travel together, what steps are needed to keep them together as much as possible?

    Answer: Guests wishing to travel together should put their requests in writing and submit to Chamber Discoveries/ Adelman Travel either by writing it in on the reservation, in the comment box provided for online bookings, or via email (svanelsen@adelmantravel.com)  as soon as possible and identify exactly who they wish to travel with (i.e. Marta Jones and Betty Harris wish to travel with Susie & Tom Klein – they are traveling to Italy with xxx in Month YEAR)


    Question: How are seat assignments handled?

    Answer: Every airline has different rules regarding group seating. As a courtesy, Chamber Discoveries/ Adelman Travel makes every effort to secure appropriate seating for you and your

    travel companion. However, we cannot guarantee that the individual airlines will honor our requests. Therefore, if your particular seat assignment is essential to your travel, we encourage our guests to contact the airlines approximately 1 week prior to travel to inquire as to your

    assignment. Please note that many airlines will wait to confirm arrangements for group seating until airport check in. Additionally, due to the nature of travel, airlines may change

    aircraft up until the time of departure; which may affect any pre-confirmed seating arrangements.


    Question: What luggage requirements do I need to know about?

    Answer: Currently, most airlines allow passengers flying to Europe to check one bag at no extra charge. If you choose to check two bags, you will be responsible for the additional charge,

    which is typically $50 each way. Neither bag can exceed the maximum weight allowance of 50 lbs nor can they exceed the linear inches limit of 62” (total length + width + height). You are also allowed a carry-on small enough to place underneath the seat of the plane or in the overhead bin. You will not be allowed to board the plane without your passport (please be sure to check the expiration date before you leave home). As airline policies may vary and are subject to change, we

    recommend that you visit your airlines website for specific luggage policies and limitations 2-3 weeks prior to traveling.


    Question: Is there a lot of walking on this tour?

    Answer: Yes, like most of Europe, you will be visiting historic sites that may be hundreds of years old, and there can be walking on uneven surfaces. While you do not need to do every tour that is offered, most tours do include a lot of walking to reach the monuments. Some tours are more strenuous than others. We recommend that you bring comfortable walking shoes and

    advise your guide if you have difficulty walking.


    Question: What is the currency in Europe?

    Answer: In Europe the currency used is the Euro. The exchange rate varies daily. For the most current information, go to http://www.xe.com/ucc/.


    Question: What should I pack?

    Answer: Layers, Layers, and more Layers! The European weather works on the “four seasons in a day” principle, which basically, means that you can’t predict a thing when it comes to the behavior of the sky. Italy’s climate is relatively mild for its latitude. Please dress comfortably! You will be doing a significant amount of walking and spend much of your time outdoors, so please bring what you will need to be comfortable. Pack as lightly as possible. Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes.