• Moving the Needle for All 

    Community-vetted strategic planning documents that envision the Morro Bay of 2040, forward-motion on the largest infrastructure project in the City's history that is set to include local hire provisions, and construction of a brand new, state-of-the-art STEAM center and community pool at the Morro Bay High School are just a few indications of our city's commitment to fostering an economy that protects quality of life while embracing change. Morro Bay residents share an unwavering commitment to the preservation and celebration of our City's stunning natural beauty and active harbor and our business community does, too. We recognize the natural and authentic as instrumental to our identity and we wouldn't have it any other way. The Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of our members, embrace measured revitalization with the motto “We’re in this together.” 

    Our Commitment to Economic Development

    The Chamber is committed to promoting a diverse economy of opportunity for Morro Bay in partnership with a business-friendly local government. City Council-adopted strategic plans that are currently in play aim to enhance economic activity in the city’s Downtown and Waterfront districts in the near term (DWSP), and to all four of Morro Bay’s economic centers in the near future (EDSP). ED is being carried out in partnership between the City Manager's office, the Community Development Department, and the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce.

    If you are interested in investing in our city, please contact us here for business facilitation services.

    Visit here for helpful link and guidance on Talking with the City. 

    More questions about Economic Development? Please email ceo@morrochamber.org

  • Morro Bay, CA is an idyllic coastal city located on California's beautiful Central Coast. Offering breathtaking views of the bay, rolling hills, and the iconic Morro Rock, Morro Bay is the perfect destination for those looking for an escape to nature. The city is home to a variety of unique businesses, including handcrafted boutiques, local restaurants, and adventure experiences. With its stunning beaches and beautiful hiking trails, Morro Bay offers visitors a unique and memorable experience. From relaxing walks along the beach to kayaking and fishing in the bay, Morro Bay is the perfect place for those looking for a peaceful, adventure-filled getaway. With great weather year-round, a friendly atmosphere, and abundance of activities, Morro Bay is an ideal destination for businesses looking to set up shop and for tourists who want to experience the best of California's Central Coast.

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