• Map of Morro Bay's Plan Areas and Opportunity Sites showing two main areas, the Embarcadero and Downtown with thirteen points of interest including Centennial Stairway, Iconic Smokestacks, Working Waterfront/Fishing, Maritime Museum, Sea Otter Viewing Area, Anchor Memorial Park, Old MB Aquarium, Harbor/Main Neon Signage, Downtown Tree Lighting, Mike's Historic Barber Shop, Bay Theater, MB City Park/RTA Stop, Traffic Circle. ,
  • Opportunities

    Looking to the future, the City has already made several plans to facilitate and develop economic growth in our community.  The City's Economic Development Roadmap (EDSP) and Downtown Waterfront Strategic Plan (DWSP) call for a number of "catalyst" projects that will spur development and ensure economic prosperity for future generations.  Morro Bay is brimming with small business opportunities. Let's make something happen.