• Morro Bay Business Survey - One More Week
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    The Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Morro Bay, is soliciting business community feedback via a survey for Morro Bay businesses in the waterfront and downtown areas. The survey has 7 questions and is estimated to take five minutes. The survey is confidential. The answers will be shared in aggregate form in a report that will be released in July, 2022. 

    The purpose of this survey is to listen to the needs of the business community and explore possible solutions. While the Morro Bay Tourism Business Improvement District, Visit Morro Bay, focuses on bringing overnight visitors to the city, the survey seeks ideas to draw midweek and offseason customers that are local or visiting for the day. 

    “The business community has talked about different options for generating commerce during the week and off-peak season for years. This survey will provide data to inform decisions moving forward for events, beautification, marketing and possibly even a Business Improvement District,” said Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Erica Crawford.  

    “We are very excited to launch this business survey and hear from the business owners,” said Morro Bay City Manager, Scott Collins. “As the city council begins to set priorities for the next fiscal year, we are looking for ways to collaborate with the businesses and the other organizations that are promoting our area.”

    The survey will be open until Friday, June 17, 2022. Morro Bay businesses can complete the survey here: