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    Since 1955 the Thomas family has owned and operated The Shell Shop in Morro Bay, California. Over the years the Thomas family has traveled all around the world to establish contacts in the fishing community to ensure the best quality shells from environmentally friendly sources. The Shell Shop specializes in marine sea shells and exhibits the largest selection of specimens on the Central Coast. Renowned throughout the world, The Shell Shop is the place to find decorative shells and corals, specimen collector shells, unique crafted sea shell jewelry, shell handcraft, and so much more! On display you will find marine sea shells, corals, shell handicraft items, wind chimes, and reference books. Unique collector specimens such as the well-known Golden Cowrie (Cypraea aurantium), The Glory of the Sea ( Conus gloriamorus) and the rarities like Cypraea fultoni and Murex loebbecki are displayed in glass cases. The extensive selection of jewelry is entirely crafted from sea shells imported from many tropical areas of the world. The Shell Shop has become an icon of Morro Bay over the years, with numerous families and individuals who consider The Shell Shop a necessary stop whenever visiting the Central Coast. We hope you enjoy the shop as your imagination lets you explore the depths of the global seas while you are here in lovely Morro Bay. Ample parking available.



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  • For general questions about visiting Morro Bay or to obtain information about tourism and tourism-related events, please don't hesitate to contact Visit Morro Bay at 805-225-7411 or email info@morrobay.org.