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    The Ambassadors Program for the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce is a membership outreach and retention program. Ambassadors are volunteers who, on behalf of the Chamber, make good will calls on a regular basis, face-to-face and by phone, to Chamber members.

    Ambassadors also assist in membership retention by contacting Chamber members to relay information, ascertain comments, identify concerns and assist the member to feel comfortable at an event.



    1. Retain existing members.
    2. Serve as a liasion between the Chamber and its members.
    3. Assist members in obtaining maximum value from the Chamber investment.
    4. Identify potential new members among the business community and refer them to the Member Relations Manager.


    1. Provide at least one year commitment to the Ambassador program.
    2. Help retain new Chamber members by making your calls within 2 weeks of being assigned a list.
    3. Attend monthly meeting.
    4. Increase your awareness of Chamber services.
    5. Personally “network” by promoting Chamber services to current and new members.


    1. Obtain solid knowledge of Chamber programs and events.
    2. Meet business leaders for potential business/social contacts.
    3. Exposure of you and your company (if applicable) before the Chamber of Commerce business community.


    1. New Member Calls: All new members are phoned and welcomed to the Chamber, ideally within 2 weeks of initial contact.  You will need to verify they are receiving their Chamber correspondence and personally invite them to an upcoming Mixer, 4 MB focus group meeting, or the next big event put on by the Chamber of Commerce.
    2.  Two Year Retention Call:  This is a personal visit to the member.  Set up an appointment in advance.  It should only take 10-15 minutes of their time. When you get to the meeting, again review their membership benefits promotions sheet, introduce the next level of membership and those benefits, and ask for any feedback concerning their current membership. Let them know that you are pleased to present them with a $25.00 coupon on their upcoming dues. (Take notes)
    3. Bring notes of your calls, both new member and 2 year calls, to the next Ambassador monthly meeting.

    The Ambassador’s meeting is held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:30 am at the Chamber of Commerce office.  Attendance is mandatory, unless you have phoned in an excused absence to the Chamber office at least 24 hours in advance.  We all learn from one another so it is very important to share your calls made and other valuable info from your visits!

    A sign up sheet is passed around at the Committee meeting.  Ambassadors volunteer for ½ hour shifts.  It is important to report at your assigned time.  If you are unable to meet your obligation, it is your responsibility to get a replacement.

    New Members Breakfast is scheduled every quarter, honoring the previous quarters’ new members.  They are held in Jan., April, July, and October. Ambassadors greet new members when they arrive.  Your job is to introduce them to other chamber members as they arrive. 

    A schedule of upcoming ribbon cuttings is in the current EBlast and held by the Member Relations Manager.  You are responsible for attending at least 5 ribbon cuttings in a years’ time, but also please plan to attend as many as you can! Please be on time so we can proceed with the ceremony and have pictures taken.  This is a very special event for new members and we count on you, as Ambassadors, to present goodwill in your attendance and demeanor! First impressions matter!

    Based on contributions towards the success of the committee and the Chamber as a whole, each quarter at the New Members Breakfast, an Ambassador will be recognized as “Ambassador of the Quarter”. He or she will receive recognition in the next EBlast and a $10 gift certificate.  This honoree will be given an opportunity  to speak at the New Members Breakfast, if they would like to, and relate their experiences to the group.


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