• Why Morro Bay?

    Our community can support growth and expansion in business-to-consumer and professional service sectors now!

      Morro Bay has incredible natural surroundings that represent natural draw for visitors. As such, visitor-serving businesses are a primary economic driver of our community. Our beaches, parks, museums, galleries and special events attract people from across the world. We're an intentionally laid-back community of seafarers, artists, and small business owners with an unparalleled quality of life. You can surf to work! (Or at least beforehand.)

      While our disposition may be quaint, we're deceptively well-connected to the state and region's assets. Morro Bay is a piece of a larger economic puzzle that is San Luis Obispo County and benefits from our proximity to local amenities like Cal Poly and the region's economic hub, San Luis Obispo. Morro Bay's retail trade area includes the surrounding communities of Los Osos, Cayucos, and Cambria which all experience retail leakage in a number of categories, including apparel, home furnishings, sporting goods, specialty food stores, limited-service restaurants and bars, and general merchandise stores. Morro Bay has pent-up demand and can support a wide variety of new businesses, particularly in these sectors. Morro Bay is open for business!

  • A Staging Ground for Adventure


      The Pacific Coast Highway is California's classic road trip.  Attracting over seven million visitors each year, the Big Sur corridor between Morro Bay and Monterey is arguably one of the most scenic drives in the country.  Morro Bay is the last full-service community before the approximately 100 miles of coastline that is Big Sur, representing a natural stopping point for travelers visiting the coast.  Despite significant increases in tourism, Morro Bay has always managed to maintain its eclectic, small-town appeal. Our downtown and Embarcadero support a wide variety of small businesses that cater to both locals and visitors. Recent and planned improvements to our business districts are meant to enhance the pedestrian environment and ensure Morro Bay always maintains its unique character. Oh, and we've got a beach and Sea Otters too!  

    Morro Bay is Connected

    Whether you do business locally or globally, Morro Bay is connected and ready to grow.  All of what San Luis Obispo County has to offer is at your fingertips, with regional economic and educational assets a short distance away.  Centrally located within California, all of the state's major markets are within reach.  San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP) now has flights that connect across the country, and with one stop, nearly anywhere on the globe.  We're also connected digitally, with Charter fiber available now!  We've got a home-grown talent pool (Cal Poly, Cuesta College) that's ready to help your business grow.



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